5747 Deep Green

  • CucumberCucumber
  • RomaineRomaine
  • KaleKale
  • PearPear
  • AppleApple
Recommended for: Blood Pressure, Kidneys

Adrenal support, Antioxidant, Phytonutrients, Immunity Booster

Sweet Sexy Green is your choice if you are new to juicing and had a bad experience with tasting green juices, this will blow your mind. It is loaded with Phytonutrients, which prevent the absorption of new toxins. Refreshing and rich in antioxidant, it is also the sweetest green juice because of the intensive apple and pear combination. Puts your digestion right on track, perfect for healing constipation.
Ingredients: Cucumber, Romaine, Kale, Pear, Apple

Nutritional value / 3.4 oz

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